Make A New Start Today!

My 10 session programme, via Skype or at the clinic, is highly successful and guarantees to set you on the path to overcoming your weaknesses.

There are two payment plans, one with a 10% discount for a block booking. The coaching sessions are weekly, maintaining continuity and for 50 minutes. The course is life changing and will involve you dedicating time for reflection during each week.

Pricing Options

 10% discount for a one-time payment of only £450. - A £50 saving! 

Alternatively you can chose to take my 10 session ‘pay as you go’ instalment option.

- First instalment of £200 for sessions 1,2 and 3

- Second instalment of £150 for sessions 4, 5 and 6

- Third and final instalment of £150 for sessions 7, 8, 9 and 10

Once you have completed the course you will benefit from a regular ‘top up’ coaching programme for continuing support. Your quantity of coaching sessions will be assessed near the end of your 10 week programme. Generally,  individuals drop to 30 minute sessions weekly, then fortnightly, progressing onto monthly check in sessions.

Monthly check in sessions, if required

- 50 minutes £50

- 30 minutes £30