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I am walking on air! I am so pleased with my results. Kathy has helped me to feel amazing and I am so surprised at how good I feel about myself.  My confidence has soared, I am focused and back in control of my life.  Katie, aged 38, Poole, Dorset.

The Power of Life Coaching is life changing! Are you ready for change?  Don’t delay, book your first free 30 minute coaching session and we will clarify your goals and plan a strategy for your personal development.

Are you living the life you deserve? Are you fulfilling your ambitions? Are you enjoying your day to day living? Do you have a positive mind and experience the benefits of self-control? Do you like yourself and feel good about who you are? Are you motivated and on track to achieve your life plans?

Let me show you how you can change for good and be transformed into the person you long to be! It’s never too late and there is always a way! It’s generally hard to see past your hurdles, unwanted habits and/or negative mind-sets when you are stuck in a rut.

Kathy Bell Dorset life coach

Health and Lifestyle Coach

So……… reach out and harness the power of my health and lifestyle coaching techniques. Over 20 years, my wellbeing coaching expertise has been cultivated from the empathy and insight during my own personal experience of overcoming endless personal challenges. I will provide you with a confidential, non-judgemental approach along with clear strategies and guidelines. Our partnership and positive friendship will instil in you self-belief and motivation which will inspire you to create the lifestyle you desire and to become the person you want to be. Find out more about Kathy

As a coach, I have the unique approach of training both the mind and the body. No doubt you recognise the importance of exercising and keeping fit and healthy. When personal training, I coach your body to keep it in shape and I visualise and practice the same parallels with the mind.

It’s vital to keep the mind healthy so you feel in control, focused and sharp; happy, confident, fulfilled, knowing what you desire, planning your personal goals and making them happen. I specialise in general wellbeing and finding healthy, lifestyle balance in your day to day life.

Wheel of Life

Wellbeing Program

As your committed personal wellbeing coach, I will teach you how to take the steps to reach your goals. You will become equipped and empowered with tools and techniques to change.  I will help measure, monitor, manage and support you to ensure that you keep your word to yourself, and take consistent action to guarantee the results you have committed to.

I often remind my clients that we all need support in different areas of our lives. I am good at motivating myself in the areas of self-development and fitness. However, when learning to play an instrument I have to invest in a music teacher. This way, I learn more effectively because of the teacher’s expertise and I am accountable. I check in each week for a lesson and we discuss and explore my experience of practice during the week and I can ask questions about any stumbling blocks I came across. So, rest assured knowing that we all call on experts in their field for our own accelerated learning, insight and progression.

Your time has now come for action.

Go ahead and book your first session for free. There is no obligation to continue.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

‘I am so glad I met Kathy. She has been a breath of fresh air in my life. Kathy is the best health and lifestyle coach in Dorset. She was easily able to identify why I was not getting the results I wanted. She set clear goals which are always within my reach. I find her ability to understand me so comforting and I can trust her to unravel areas of my life where I just feel unsure and stuck.’ - Tracy, age 47, Bournemouth, Dorset

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I invite you to take the next step and book your free 30 minute life coaching, food & weight loss coaching or personal training session. Contact Kathy directly on 07786 474787 or via email and request your free appointment.