Food & Weight Loss Coaching in Dorset

Are you tired of starting out on a diet or lifestyle change, failing and finding yourself back where you started? Have you spent your life yo-yo dieting?

Due to my own personal experience of this futile cycle, I have become a specialist at helping others succeed in their journey with food and weight loss.

"Since being a child, I struggled with under eating and as a teenager and young woman, overeating and comfort eating became a controlling element in my life.

This forced me to personally discover the answers to end my unhelpful relationship with food and negative thoughts about myself.

My coaching techniques originate from my personal journey to break free from food addictions and they will show you how to change your habits of comfort and emotional eating.

We all know how to eat healthily. Diets, recipes and healthy eating ideas have been marketed at us for years now. Having the knowledge of what is good to eat for weight loss is not our problem; choosing the right food and sticking to it is!"

food and weight loss coach dorset

Dorset Weight Loss Program

My 10 week coaching programme will teach you about your personal reasons for failing to reach and maintain your weight loss targets.

This 10 week course has originated because of my experience of recovering from eating disorders and then working alongside clients for many years as a qualified life coach, listening skills counsellor and personal trainer.

It addresses your thinking patterns and reasons for emotional/comfort eating, your self-esteem, your trigger foods, your exercise, your motivation levels, your food intake and much more.

It will break your old patterns and show you how to develop new ones that will not sabotage your weight loss goals but instead empower you like never before. Quit yo-yo dieting and emotional eating for good!

What’s in for you?
  • I will assess your present habits and attitudes towards food, exercise and yourself
  • Establish realistic short and long term weight loss goals that suit your lifestyle and desires
  • I will design an exercise routine to suit you, one that is achievable and will progress as you increase your fitness levels
  • It will be a routine that suits you – going to the gym is not your only option!
  • You will have a healthy low GI food plan for each day which is based upon your likes and dislikes of food. It will be tailored to suit your schedule whether this is at home or out and about! One that is easy for you to maintain is so important.
  • You will learn how thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lead to actions
  • You will come to see how your mind and body are connected and dramatically affect your weight loss
  • Identify your negative thoughts, emotions and actions which presently sabotage your goals
  • Use mindfulness techniques to tune into your internal dialogue
  • Learn about planning, time management and relaxation to bring balance and organisation for successful weight loss
  • Journal and learn how to replace your negative thoughts and bring behavioural change
  • Discover what triggers you to overeat
  • Learn new techniques to overcome these urges
  • Complete reflection work each week and receive hand-outs that will document and support your learning
  • Receive a Mind n Body Folder which will hold your course content. This will capture all the tools and techniques that you will learn and apply during the 10 weeks. Once documented they will always be on hand to you for reference as you continue in your recovery from comfort, emotional and binge eating.
  • You will learn the cycles of yo-yo dieting and how to quit it for good.
  • You will explore your core beliefs, self-esteem and mind-sets. Learning to self-accept will empower you to quit sabotaging your goals
  • You will learn how to self-affirm and build yourself up to feel and maintain positive attitudes for good!
  • You will know how to set realistic goals and no longer set yourself up for failure
  • You will become empowered and enjoy independently applying new techniques to beat the negative cycle of food addiction – for good!
  • Top tips and words of wisdom to speed up your weight loss and keep it off
  • 10 weeks of personal access, via email or text, to a top food and weight loss guru
  • Daily motivational texts full of insight, to keep you focused and positive
  • Free access to the online group with others on the same journey
  • You will no longer be a slave to the scales and diets!

Use my weightloss program to quit yo-yo dieting and emotional eating for good!

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